We don't just sympathize with those whose insurance companies won't cover the cost of a waterproof waterleg, we did something about it! To make your WaterGait™ WaterLeg more affordable, we have discounted the price $450* when you're paying out of pocket!

PRICING FOR SELF-PAY* (not covered by insurance)

SkinergyTM Skin finish and Surf Sock

$2,100 - WaterGait™
Coyote waterproof shuttle lock for suspension.

Add Cost + 15% for suspension sleeve.
We can only provide sleeves for your WaterGaitTM water-leg, not your standard prothesis.

Add $1,200 for the Rampro™ Swim Ankle
Only for active swimming and Scuba activities


$2,450 - Base Price
$2,550 - Adding Coyote Lock Suspension

Shipping charges for all based on delivery method.

You can purchase your WaterGaitTM WaterLeg in one of three ways:

1. Pay the full amount up front and save $25: cashier's checks, money orders and personal checks are accepted. Never send cash.

2. Pay the full amount up front with PayPal or a Credit Card. Processing fee of $12.50 will be applied.

3. Deferred Payment Plan: Simply subtract $1,200 from the total price of the WaterGaitTM plus accessories and shipping - that will be your down payment due prior to order initiation. The remaining $1,200 is due $300 per month for the subsequent four months. There is a $12.50 processing fee applied to each deferred payment transaction.

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

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  How to Order: 

After reading the material on the website, e-mail us your contact info from the Order Page. One of our representatives will contact you to go over any questions you may have and see if you would like to order your own WaterGait™ WaterLeg. Then we will discuss exactly what components will be required. Different patients use a variety of suspension systems and we need to determine which will work best for you. The only extra cost you may incur would be for a suspension sleeve or shuttle lock, to keep it securely on your leg. 

Each WaterGait™ WaterLeg comes complete with a Skinergy silicone skin finish. You choose the color that best matches your skin. If no color swatch matches, we can also spray on a custom finish ourselves. You will also be supplied with a pair of water-shoes/surf socks. These MUST be worn whenever the WaterLeg is being used. We supply your first pair. You can purchase any style of water shoes you wish, but they MUST be worn every time, no exceptions, or the sole of the foot will be damaged by friction. 

Once we have determined which suspension method, shuttle-lock/sleeve or combination will suit you best, we can initiate the order for your WaterGait™ WaterLeg. You can then schedule an appointment to visit our office in order to duplicate the fit and alignment of your current prosthesis. Or, if visiting is not practical, you can use the shipping option. Within the continental United States, we will ship you a box, which includes color swatches to match your skin tone, as well as instructions for shipment and a return express label. Ship us your current prosthesis or a good-fitting spare and we can overnight ship it back to you, so that you are only without it for two days. Ship on a Monday and receive your original back on Wednesday. (Shipping charges depend on speed and delivery method you choose.) You will receive your finished WaterLeg within twenty days after we receive your original prosthesis and down payment

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