Lee Shirer smoothing a WaterGait™ WaterLeg before the skin is applied

The Patented DupliCone™ which is utilized to create a good fitting clone of your prosthesis.


Lee Shirer, the inventor of the WaterGait™ WaterLeg and owner of Replacement Arts, Inc., has worked in prosthetics since 1985. His first training was at the world-class Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where he worked with some of the top professionals in the field.


In 1993, Lee founded Replacement Arts. Inc., a prosthetic central fabrication facility. He makes the highest quality prostheses for practitioners in the Midwest and elsewhere.  He specializes in creating artistically shaped covers and skin finishes for those patients who desire excellent cosmetic appearance for their new leg.


In 2000, he received his first patent for conceiving and developing the DupliCone™, a low-temperature thermoplastic cone. The DupliCone™ is used to duplicate the precise shape and alignment of an existing prosthesis without destroying the original.

Replacement Arts, Inc. utilizes the DupliCone™ to make an excellent duplicate or ‘clone’ of your good-fitting prosthesis. We even guarantee that the fit will be as good or better than your current leg, so you’re not sacrificing comfort or appearance by wearing a WaterGait™ WaterLeg       

Replacement Arts, Inc.
14836 S. McKinley Ave., Posen IL 60469

Watch a short video on how we duplicate your prosthesis
using a DupliCone



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